AVE Global. Effective operational proficiency C1.3


Garment descriptions and assessment; place location and street directions; household consumer habits; hypotheses about the past; commitments; ways to catch consumers’ attention in advertising campaigns; interest in others’ actions; fair trade producers and distributors. One’s own travel adventures; oral negotiation; advice on bicycle travel; the Road to Santiago and other tourist destinations; Mardi Gras in the Spanish-speaking world; travel literature in Spanish. Reaction to new information; the effects of historic and political events; twentieth-century Latin American politicians and writers; independence processes in some Latin American countries; Spain’s “Transition” and its present political system; prominent Latin American supranational bodies and Latin American summits.






On line



Geared to

Teenagers, adults

Course hours

30 horas

Maximum course duration

Students have 90 days to complete the course counting from the time they receive their AVE GLOBAL login details.

Refunds and exchanges

Requests to change to a different course may be lodged within 72 hours of receipt of the user’s login details. Refunds may be requested within 14 days of the date of receipt of the user’s login details, providing the course content is not accessed. Otherwise, the deadline for requesting refunds is 48 hours after the first login.

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